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2013 album re-issue artwork and packaging photos
Added on Monday 04 February 2013, 21:19 (GMT)
With the re-release of the first three Jamiroquai albums only a few weeks away images of the artwork have now surfaced.  Thanks to Diego and Brent from jamirotalk.net for finding and sharing these images.  The images (which look pretty cool if you ask me) can be seen over on a Jamiroquai facebook page at the follwing links:
  • Emergency On Planet Earth
  • The Return Of The Space Cowboy
  • Travelling Without Moving

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Your very welcome, David, gosh they are just gorgeous, the packaging is absolutely perfect for each release. I'm taken aback by the utter coolness 'green lamborgini buffaloman logo' on the inside inlay of the Travelling Without Moving reissue. I can't wait to get these! Cheers!


Wow they look amazing, especially TWM. Can't wait!

WOW. No words.


Finally some decent artworking Dynamite and RDLS photos were so awfull ...

May be stating the obvious but these albums are now available to per order on amazon

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