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Derrick McKenzie interview on playvybz.com
Added on Monday 24 August 2009, 14:58 (BST)
Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie will be interviewed between 1600 and 1800hrs (BST) today (Monday) on internet radio station playvybz.com.By heading to the playvbz.com website you can get streaming audio links from the homepage.

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Can't listen to it from work!!! How did it go??

Well, this was out of the blue, wasn't it? Still great to see FINALLY some confirmations/reconfirmations/new info on where Jamiroquai currently is. For those whom didn't hear the interview, here were the IMPORTANT bit of news:

- Jamiroquai is now signed with Universal Records..
- Jamiroquai have recorded more than 40 new tracks.
- New album will be totally LIVE, the band playing!... a bit away from the "disco thing" - it's a kind of soulful album, more funky... with horns, strings....

Meike, AKA CosmicMouse, over at JamiroTalk.net, has recorded this interview and is in the process of trimming it down and uploading it, so watch this thread on Talk to download it when it's available!:

LINK: http://tinyurl.com/m44qn4



Wow, this is amazing news! 40 tracks, that's insane!! I'm sure they won't all be on the album...haha, but I can't wait to hear their "soulful, funky" sound.

Great to know this, Let´s wait for the album news

thats terrifik news but when will it be released?

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