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The official website at has at last been updated.  OK, it's not a complete new site but more of a holding page for a new site.  With the title "We are making changes" you are encouraged to sign up to a mailing list or watch a number of music videos from the band.

Aside from this update other things recently noticed online (keep an eye on jamirotalk and/or the jamiroquai 'reddit' for much more information) are that a music video was recently filmed and a number of possible track names have been found online.

Things are happening...

20 Years Old!

The Funkin Site many many years ago

So, 20 years ago I made a little website about my favourite band.  I'm happy to say the band are still going (although they do seem to be increasing the time between albums) and by all accounts we'll be hearing some new music very soon and a new album to follow up 2010's Rock Dust Light Start later this year.  Exciting times are ahead.

I never expected this site to be as popular as it was (I say 'was' as it's nowhere near as popular as it used to be!) and I never expected what would happen when I first created a little webpage about the band. Through this site I've met some lovely people from all over the world and built up a great vinyl, CD and DVD collection.

I've been fortunate enough to have found myself in a position to help with the official website/facebook presence (I am currently no longer involved) and have been able to combine a passion of photography and Jamiroquai by having the opportunity to meet the band members, take photos at many concerts and ultimately see some photos in print in the Rock Dust Light Star tour book.  I also like that I took the official Jamiroquai Facebook page profile photo which has had in excess of 45,000 'likes'.  I've had so much fun.

Ten years ago a surprise party was held following the B-Live Festival in London where the band performed (at the Festival, not at the party!).  That was a great day (and night).

So, the site is still going -- it's just ticking over gently.  It hasn't evolved a great deal over the years and in fact has got simpler (i.e., less admin for me) when things like the voting and guestbook were removed.  A couple of years ago I made it mobile device friendly I don't add much news to the site but expect to be adding a bit more as the new single/album/tour information starts to appear over the coming months.

It just keeps going like an ever reliable friend.

If you're after a more regular fix of news about Jamiroquai and the bandmembers then this isn't the best place to go - head over to Jamirotalk or the Jamiroquai reddit - there's far more updates there than there are here.  But please come back every now and then :)

Thanks for reading.


Band rehearsals and secret gig?

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Bandmembers Derrick McKenzie and Paul Turner have in the past day posted online photos of the band (Jay is not in the photos but is no doubt there) together in a rehearsal studio.  Paul mentioned in another recent Facebook post about a secret gig next week - but didn't confirm if it was for Jamiroquai or not.  If there is a Jamiroquai gig/showcase coming up then I suspect it will be for record company executives only :(

Either way it looks like we'll be hearing some new music in the not too distant future.

November release date planned for new Jamiroquai album

Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner posted a tweet this week that said:

"Hey guys, the new Jamiroquai album will be out beginning of November. No it is not planned to be the last!"

Bandmembers have been in the studio recently working on tracks for the album and it sounds like things are really taking shape.  In advance of a release in (hopefully) November there should be some new music hitting the airwaves in the run-up to the album.

It's getting exciting.

New album coming later this year?

Facebook message from Derrick McKenzie

If you keep an eye on the facebook and twitter accounts of some of the bandmembers there's often little pieces of information shared that get us excited about new music from the band.  There's been a few posts recently including one from Derrick McKenzie (drums) on Facebook "Who else is looking forward to the new Jamiroquai album?" and also a message from Paul Turner (bass) on Twitter where he said the album is currently being mixed and will be out in the winter.

Paul also wrote a few weeks ago that he expects there to be a few promo only dates in 2016 and a full tour next year.

Stay tuned...

Credit: Brent Armstrong, Melanie Schumacher

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