New Jamiroquai album complete?

Added on Wednesday 18 March 2009, 10:16 (GMT)

In Wednesday's Metro newspaper (UK), the following was written in the 'celebrity gossip' column...

"Jay Kay is back on the music scene.  'I've finished a new album and I'm very happy with it - I'd say it's my best yet,' he admits."

Remember not to believe everything you read in the papers (especially some of the UK ones!), but it does sound promising...

Credit: Pritsh Mistry

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Very good you said that last thing.. however.. Im getting really exciting anyway!!!


sounds promising... can't wait to hear the new album...

Yeah baby =)

It's totally believable!!

There still remains the question of a record label. I wonder if anyone could clear it up.

Cant believe such news appears in the metro, which i read almost everyday on my commute to uni on the day that i'm at home!!!! Would have made a great big smile come up on my face on the train lol! Great news anyway, all the excitement is building up inside of me i sooo cannot wait! :-)

FORGET record labels -.- I'd rather buy it directly from the internet on Jami's website.
However i think he signed some contract a few months ago

im really excited i hope they bring the music style a bit back through the years like during TWM years i mean his voice isnt like during the 90's but by god his voiced has improved so much from 2004 cant wait gonna be the first man to buy the album XD jamiroquai for life!!!!!!


a wink from one of the bandmembers at the last funk affair suggested a deal is done or nearly ;-)

ok Natalie?

he thinks it's his best yet?! interesting...i'm even more anxious...:)

can't wait for the new album!
i hope they come to the usa soon. i know it's expensive for them, and they barely break even- but they are my favorite band everrr!

Nice little blurb, but still, there are 2 possible routes: 1# A big label with limited label interference with future album making with BIG promotions/distributions. 2# The sign an American distribution deal with a BIG BOX store chain (I.E. Target, Best Buy, K-Mart & Wal-Mart) & depend on the rest of the world distribution via online pay download and indie label distribution. Now, who will be the likely label they would sign with, 2 possibilities: EMI OR Virgin. Just my thoughts!


I am sooooo ready - Let's get it on!





It's about's been wayyy too long. U better come to Canada n tear it up like you guys did last time!! I'm not going to go on about his voice n how this bass player is not like stu or better yet the most played out comment "I want the old sound back" Please Jamiroquai don't listen to these fools...just make it funky!!!

Please hurry guys, we need just a little more funk in our lives.

yes hurry guys !! i m inpatient i m a fan from lebanon !, Rob Harris or somebody if u r reading this plz tell us wat to expect ;P ,I want new Funky Music in my BMW Z4 this summer while going to the beach!, Nightclubs! and while making love also lol cant wait :P

I believe in those newspaper as I believe in tarots, but for once I wish they're right!!
Best album ever Jay?? I'm building up high expectations then :)))
Don't mind record labels here, just wanna play it on my stereo and dance it in my living room, that's all I ask.

but jay said the same thing about 'dynamite' :s that it was his best album ... which is not!! :P

"This is really the worst album we've done..." Do you really think he could have say that ? It's a marketing way to say "please buy my album, I need new cars..."
The best thing is to wait and see....

Don't miss the point... the best part of Jay's state is that it's his best "YET" :D
I love how this guys never seem to slow down ^_^
Now's when someone should look how much time passed since announce on "Dynamite" finished till it went out, hahaha

The same issue than before Dynamite's released... And the result was... Not twice Jay, not twice...

yes yes - the best!
another album to buy - not to listen......i'm afraid
"play that funky music White Boy"....

These guys put gold out EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!....Jay can say whatever he wants...I have so enjoyed hearing these guys (and girls) as they grow thru the years and still they stay on top of their craft over 15 years. I'm so looking forward to hearing how Jamiroquai sounds like now and from now on. There's just not one album better than the other for me...cuz it all kicks!

he always says it's his best work yet - twm, synk, a funk odyssey, dynamite..funny, so many fans love the first and second albums while Jay seems to slag ROTSC in interviews! we'll see!

My only concern is that the recording won't be analog. I like how the band sounds with analog recording. Its just a preference, although I think Jay can knock digital out of the ballpark.

I can´t waittttttttttt!!
(Hi David. How are you?)

Iroquoislady - I totally agree..but that's just how things are recorded these days, for the most part. I think Jay said they were going to do this album live (or at least they're trying to bring back the live sound), so who knows if they recorded it into a computer or onto tape. Hopefully tape, love the compressed old school sound..but even TWM was recorded piecewise, one instrument at a time. It all comes down to how it's mixed and arranged.

If I had it my way, I'd want to bring back Mike Nielsen and Al Stone. Mike Spencer is obviously a talented studio producer and excellent live technician, but Dynamite just didn't do it for me. Didn't feel like Jamiroquai.

Chimera - Yeah Those guys definitely deserve the props...very much so. I'm right with ya on that.

I find it so extraordinary that Jamiroquai has a "sound" of their own and can still be so versatile. "Hot Tequila Brown" sounded too different to me at first but I just can't get enough of it now...and that's what all of their music does to me...I'm really open to their songs.

And knowing that the group has been busy this whole time pumpin out the groove and staying just too sweet.

I really hope they will come across the pond and let us here get to show them some love back......

You'll tell them that for us here in the USA, David?


I'm really hanging out for the next batch of mint tracks! Hopefully it's first half of the year.

In a nutshell - in terms of the Digital vs Analog thing, as long as it's done well it won't make a difference. The thing is that you buy the music in digital form (cd or download) so at some stage they're going to have to convert it to a digital signal - as far as I know this is up to the skill of the mixer (plus the determined amount of compression = how muchdynamic range the music has) and the quality of the digital to analog converter (DAC) among other things I'm sure.

This the is turned into an analog signal for the speaker that you listen to (speakers run on voltage). Therefore there's alway 2 conversions in the pipeline when listening to recorded music on a CD. And the qulity of the DAC's on both ends can

Vinyl on the other hand leaves it all in analog, so on a good turn table with a good phono amplification stage it sounds sliky smooth.

Hi folks, whatever the truth-new album SOON.Meanwhile-listening to the old ones!And it's spring -can't be bad. Heard Cosmic Girl in plush,luxury store amongst Hugo Boss and Navyboot, and same day, Deeper Underground in trendy kids boutique. And to top it all, my teenage son suddenly loves Jamiroquai.Ciao,Pippa

Dynamite is one of the best albums they have put out. The bass playing is better than anything Stu did. Eryka Badu once made the mistake of saying she can never recorda a better album than her first and that one comment killed her music career. The best is yet to come. His voice only gets better and the sound only gets more mature and full.

Ok Marley, just listen to and u will understand...

Oh,'ve gone and done it now, Marley =o

Hello David (and of course everybody!)can you contact a band member in order to know the truth about the new album is now complete? It's very hard to waiting for (4 years is too loooong) but keep the faith my friends!
Peace and good vibes to all

Do like I do . When getting in the car and going for a drive to where ever. I just put in the old Cd's.Start off with his very first CD. But I can't wait to add his newest one to the collection. So then we all can wait for another long dry spell til the next one.

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