Jamiroquai in computer games

Added on Sunday 03 December 2006, 08:17 (UTC)
Secret Files: Tangusa

Over recent years we have seen Jamiroquai associated with and featured on the soundtracks of many different computer games, such as Need For Speed Most Wanted and FIFA 06.  Some fans have added their own Jamiroquai "touch" to games, such as the rally car in the game Richard Burns Rally.

Apart from having Jamiroquai music and adding your own Jamiroquai elements to games (such as the rally car), here is one that I don't think I've seen before - in the game "Secret Files: Tangusa", in one of the scenes (inside a library) it looks like there is a copy of the Emergency On Planet Earth CD album on the desk (look closely at the desk on the left of the screenshot).

Have you spotted Jamiroquai in any computer games? 

Credit: Oded Paz

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Un clin d'oeil très amusant en effet !

What a great spot!!!!!!! Well done fella.


i want a game like gta with jay as the main charakter xD

I think in singstar was jamiroquai cosmic girl too right?

Remind me the crap-covered version of canned heat contained in Elite Beat Agents

Amazing observation Oded !!!

Haha, that's great. I love details like that. Good spot!

Great spot indeed! :-)


I love it! Is so great! =)

So happy with the game! ^^

Haha, good eyes! Afraid I haven't seen much of the band in video/comp games, tho. Glad I have an Xbox that allows you to use your own music on the hard drive...I have 'Travelling Without Moving' as the background music when I'm driving in NASCAR 06.

lol that it good and well noticed the creators of the game must have been fans

i can't believe it!it's great that something about jamiroquai is in some place, when you don't even think about it!
jamiroquai fans are all over the world!!! yeah!!!
marisol_ jamiroqueira
jamiroquai 4 life

when you look more around in that room you see other things that can be identified with jamiroquai like the totem pole or the boxes in that room rember me on the ones in the space cowboy video

singstar- deeper underground ;)

Hahahaha wicked!!!!!



i wonder in how many games is glad to see this...maybe the eope album in this game is related to the main theme of the video?
''emergency on planet earth'' is no were we are...
and that's not a ironic comment, we really ARE in emergency on our planet earth...somebody stop the wars and the pollution pleaseeeeeeeee

right under the world map too.It would be cool if we could read the off the computer in the picture,I bet it's funkin

May be it is some kind of product placement.....

OMG!! I'm so getting that game! :)

Props for the awesome easter egg!

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