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Mail on Sunday newspaper - 5 November 2006

As announced previously on this site (via, an interview with Jay appears in the "Night & Day Live" supplement of today's Mail on Sunday newspaper (UK).

Jay is featured on the cover, and inside the magazine is a four page interview with photos...

"...I just can't wait to get away and plan what I'm going to do next.  I'm tired of writing singles and always thinking about what will get played on the radio.  That doesn't allow me to stretch myself creatively.  On the first album we had flugel-horn solos.  I know we probably overdid it, but it was fun, it was good, it was creative.  I want to get back to making music like that."

Before launching the next phase of career, he's planning on taking some time off...

"A year off, that's the plan", he says, barely able to contain himself.  So what does a multimillionaire rock star and eligible bachelor, with a fleet of luxury cars and a helicopter, do on a year off?  "Camping," he says, the grin firmly back on his face.  "I love camping.  Camping rocks.  I go up to Scotland, use the house as a base camp and drive out from there." 

Talking about the incident after he left a London club a few weeks ago, he said...

"I came out of the club and they [paparazzi] were jibing and shouting abuse, as they do.  I had every intention of just getting in the car, but with all the flashes going off, everyone crowding round and people holding you back, you do start to feel like the bull in the middle of the ring.  And I'd had a few drinks.  So when they all moved in, I took a swing at one of them.  It's no major thing.  It's not like it happens every time I go out.  It's just every now and again you have enough of it."

Scans of the interview will appear soon on the downloads page of this site. 

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No comment is really neaded here. The boy is doing fine. Brother can't say anthing about this cos, if you were in his shoes you would be doing excactly the same thing. So i recon it is probably much better to just keep ones opinions to one's self and to observe yourself and things instead of always having to comment on how others are living their own lives.

Dreading the announcement on Capital this week it seems JK's decision to opt out has been already reprted today in the Mail on Sunday. Whilst I am upset I think time has come to give yourself some "me" time and forget the rest of the music industry bubble you have been thrown into over the years. Time to reflect and go back to the simple things in life which mean more than anything money can buy. Good luck my friend and I look forward to hearing your name again hopefully soon. xx


I love that photo! oh my god! excelente new!
Im going to read the interview! thanks david

Take the time you need, We'll be here for the "come back". "On the first album we had flugel-horn solos. I know we probably overdid it, but it was fun, it was good, it was creative. I want to get back to making music like that." I have nothnig to say more...

Jay Kay will come back! :D thats great!

I like all the songs, they're great!

Oh wow, the Revolution will be televised! Solos and improvised stuff again. Very satisfying words, Jay!

Quote Jay: "On the first album we had flugel-horn solos. I know we probably overdid it, but it was fun, it was good, it was creative. I want to get back to making music like that." :end quote.

This made me so happy I almost broke into tears. :)

ohhh this photo is very very very beautiful like him.. JK's decision to stop for one year i think is right.. and after that he'll come back more great than never!!! thank's david for the news...

You deserve a break and I hope you love every minute, but please don't stop the music. I know my life would be less without your song

My desire of seeing Jay singing in Rome again will remain a desire for a long time,i's a shame, but i hope J and the band will return to the roots..this would be the better thing!

I saw him yesterday on Piccadilly Circus in London!He was great!He's very handsome and funny!I like him very much.

Can't wait to read the whole thing! Anybody got a copy they are willing to part with? :)


"I want to get back to making music like that."
This is what we all need to hear!
Well said man!
Keep up with the good work!
All our support is for U: we grow up with ur music and u know how much is important for us!


I went out an bought this a good read. I can totally sypathsise with him, you can get bored of doing the same thing again and again. But the best news is that all the other stuff like naff tv promos will end but the music will never...and it'll go back to the good old times (not musically just in creativity and in length o songs)

"I want to get back to making music like that"
WE TOOOOOOooooooo.....
Speechless... happy...
Now i'm crying..... i'm sorry


Oh and (Cosmic) Pumpkin....seeing as Jay will be in your area, make sure you stick the kettle on! ;)

Gentle simmer established...
*sits back and waits*

Pumpkin??? You're not pumpkin! I AM!!!!! i'm multifunktional now ;)
Anyway, i went to the shop and they only had bilge-filled Star, Sun, Express... everything but the Mail! I nearly cried :( Instead i settled for shooting everyone on the way home who looked like they may have purchased the last paper ;)

"I want to get back to making music like that"

Oyoooooo! Great great great news! :P

this seems the right thing to doo but i will miss not having any new tunes for a year or so

by the way has anyone seen the high times advert yet my friend told me he saw it on 4

amazing! totally amazing!
i've heard them playing Canned Heat (Strictly Come Dancing) and the combination of Brass and Strings is amazing! i have never been so proud of the new Jamiroquai! i know they can do it! hope the best for Jamiroquai, it's time to forget what happened between 2000 and mid 2006, and start thinking about what's next for the band!!!

i'm totally excited! waiting the best for Jamiroquai!

Speak for yourself mate; Dynamite is a triumph.

I was surprised to read just how unhappy JK is, it's sad to think that he's feeling so low but who can blame him? Now the he's free I'm sure he will be much happier, and now his high times will start again.

Just when we have them back, we're gonna lose them again. All I can say is that Jay Kay better have one hell of a year off;)

atleast that's phase 1! I was starting to think a greatest hits meant that it was nearly retiring time! I'll be glad to have some of the old Jamiroquai sounds back though... that's worth waiting for.

Zed - I second that!

You know, everything i think Jay & Jamiroquai does is unreal... i think he is the most fantastic true musician i have ever come across. Although i look forward to the new times ahead, i still hope he'll do a few 3-4min songs, just so they are still heard on radio and remixed etc... Radio will be much duller without his master’s touch!

That's a great picture of Jay - he looks healthy.

As far as the music, it's all good either way. If I want to hear what used to be, I'll listen to the earlier albums. It's as easy as a press of a button.

When the band members change, along with the times and sounds overall in music - the chemistry becomes different, so you are never going to have an exact duplication.

It's all good - I'll be here patiently waiting to hear the sounds of whatever is to come.


Zed Wrote:
"Speak for yourself mate; Dynamite is a triumph"

yes bro... it couldn't sell more than 2 million albums! a total triumph!!!!!! HAHAHAHA! perhaps you think "Travelling Without Moving was a failure.............. Dynamite was the worst selling jamiroquai album! and it's a "TRIUMPH" hahahaha you're insane bro!

Since when did record sales account for good albums? I can think of many many albums which are crap and have sold by the bucketload, and others which are far better and didn't hardly sell at all...

Thankyou Otis P. My point entirely. My comment was in reference to the musical excellence of that particular album.

I'm insane 'bro'...

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