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Added on Tuesday 16 August 2005, 20:51 (BST)

On Sunday 14 August, the News Of The World newspaper (UK) carried a two page interview in their "Sunday" magazine supplement.  When asked about about family life Jay said:

"I want my own family.  At the moment there is only me and my mum.  Christmas is about me and her and it's the worst time of year for me, it just drives me mad.  Everyone else has family and friends round.  There is no real family history with me and I'm the one who's got to make any family history.  I've got a blood mother and a blood father the the two separated after bloody 13 days.  They were both adopted so there's nothing beyond that."

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thats a bit out of line, when he said after one of their questions 'i'm not the clubbing sort of person nowadays' or something like that, and about how he has two personalitys and the quiter one is the new him. And then on the left they had a blue collumn called 'jay kay's lifestyle' and it had him with denise and a car! he sed that wasnt him any more and so they say it is. They need to check wat theyre saying more often...

u have read into this 2 much. Jay's known more for his mad antics when drunk, his drivin and his relationship with Denise than the person he is now, thats all. If you was a Jam fan back then ud understand.

I hope he finds happiness. The poor guy's been lonely for too long (even when he's having flings with hot women!) I remember reading about how his twin brother died at birth, so I can imagine the remorse and regret about his family life he must have.......the opportunity to have a brother passes him's tragic. My loving thoughts go out to him, always.

Peace :)

he wants a life like everyone wish.
good luck jay, i hope u can start a family and be happy.please dont forget the girls need time, many time...i dont have so much time and i suggest you:
live with her, eat with her, travel with her, have a life with a girl everyday and everymoment.
a suggestion of a fan who know a lot about relationships.
peace and funk

Yes but Carl they were talking about his life style NOW and they got it all wrong, well not all wrong, but they shudve put it better, with maybe a bit about how he's less like the way he was. And dunt get all high and mighty over the fact i'm not his longest supporting fan forever and ever. I've only had an interest in music since the beggining of last year and they are not the most commonly known band

Agreeing with what others have said, i wish Jay all the happiness in the world and hope he can start a family. The guy's had too much unhappiness when his music makes us all happy and get thru the bad times we fans go thru. Being part of a family of only four i sort of understand the lonliness Jay experiences.

I wish everyone a great life

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