Athens concert cancelled

Added on Thursday 08 June 2017, 21:40 (BST)

The Facebook page and event website of the Release Athens Festival has today announced that the Jamiroquai concert scheduled for 17 June has been cancelled due to Jay's ill health.

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Back pain....horrendous...Jay's health & family are number one priority. Us fans can wait until your ready to return. Sending love xxxx

Too bad, we got tickets, travelling from abroad. What to do?

Flying out from Baltimore for the O2 shows. I really hope they happen...

Need to know soon about the 02 gigs
Arrangements may need to be made
Can we have an up date on to Jays health
Soon please??

When are the 02 gigs? Is it this month? Judging my the video posted on Facebook late last week, I can't imagine they will go ahead :(

JK, sorry about the back-pain and all. Health comes first, if you can't do London, you can't do London. Simple. I love my beautiful city ... I'm sure 20,000 people including myself can understand that O2 may not happen. I'm sure we'll turn it up some place somewhere on Saturday night instead. Obviously JK will be extremely disappointed and apologetic for both shows supposedly having to be cancelled. Let me be the first to say: JK, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. LONDON STILL LOVES YA.WE ALWAYS WILL! GET BETTER SOON, TAKE CARE AND LOOK AFTER YOURSELF! SEE YOU SOON! x

Travelling down from Manchester for London next weekend. Possibilities? xx

Please could we have an announcement of some sort regarding next weeks O2 gigs. Pretty sure they wont be going ahead, which is completely understandable but people who have paid for flights, trains, hotels, childminders etc may be able to mitigate their losses with a bit of notice. If it's off, possibly on or definitely on, we don't mind but some info would be very welcome.

Well said Caroline. Completely understand if it can't go ahead but notice would be appreciated.

Hello my Ticketmaster app is now showing a new date for the 02 24th June concert which is Wednesday 6th December, anyone else getting this new date?

Well said Caroline. Completely understand if it can't go ahead but notice would be appreciated.

Announcement made that the June shows have been rescheduled for December.

Jay Kay is currently recuperating and in rehabilitation after his procedure last week and as a result has been advised to postpone the two shows later this month at the O2 Arena, London, which will now take place on Sunday the 3rd and Wednesday the 6th of December 2017.
All tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled dates, and refunds, if required, are available from point of purchase. [
Please note that tickets for the postponed O2 show on Friday 23rd June will only be valid for the rescheduled show on Sunday 3rd December. Tickets for the O2 show on Saturday 24th June will only be valid for Wednesday 6th December.
There are no plans at this stage for any additional shows to be affected.
We wish to apologise to all ticket holders for any inconvenience caused, and Jay thanks you all for the continued support and understanding.
Hi J here
It is with great regret that again I have to disappoint people due to the ongoing problem with my back. I have never felt so frustrated with a situation as I feel now, and I am desperate to get back to form. After two operations I am only marginally more active, and I know I could never give the 125% energy I need to give to you good people a super show. I am a proud man, and it breaks my heart to have to keep moving these performances and asking for people’s patience. I am distraught at this and am feeling very low.
2017 is turning out to be a tough year, with the loss of several close friends in quick succession and the inability to perform properly in the way I’ve been doing, and the only way I know how to, since I did my first gig at 17 years old.
I want to thank all of you for the messages of support you have sent me. I can’t quite believe how kind you all are. A thousand thanks.
I want to apologise to all of you who have no doubt made travel plans and taken time out to see us in Paris, Athens and London O2, but I give you my word - I promise you I will come back and give you the shows you deserve. Faster, harder and stronger.
Thank you all so much once again for your unerring love and patience, your posts have really picked me up.
From a very wounded Buffalo.
Lots of love,

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