Japanese concerts cancelled

Added on Monday 22 May 2017, 13:20 (BST)

Jamiroquai have today (Monday) posted the following statement regarding the concerts later this week:

Hi Everybody,

Jay here - I want to send a message to all the people in Japan and anyone who has travelled to see the concert.

I cannot express how difficult it has been to have to cancel these shows even after sending all the freight, in the belief I would be able to do the show, something I was so looking forward to doing most particularly in light of how long it’s been since I have seen the wonderful and loyal Japanese fans of Jamiroquai.

However, the injury to my back has not healed. I have been given an intense program of rehabilitation and I would never been able to travel, let alone perform for you as I would want to, and not even anywhere close to it.

I also know that the chance of exacerbating the initial injury would be extremely high, and have been advised by experts in the field that there is a high percentage that this would be the case. This decision, I can promise you, has not come lightly.

This has proved an impossible situation.

So all I can do is apologise so deeply from my heart — on behalf of myself, the band, and my technical crew to the Japanese crew, the promoter and you the fans, and hope you can wait for us to return in the not too distant future when my mobility has returned, and I can give you a show truly worthy of myself.

This has been heartbreaking. Sending you all my love and apologies again.


PS/ Please note- All purchased tickets can be refunded at each point of purchase (Playguides) between the dates of Wednesday, 24 May to Monday, 10 July.

Jamiroquai were scheduled to perform in Japan on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  A concert is still scheduled for South Korea on Sunday as part of the Seoul Jazz Festival and although not explicitely mentioned it is expected that the performance will not take place.

The next scheduled gig is on 12 June in Paris, which was rescheduled from earlier this month.

UPDATE: On Tuesday 23 May the Seoul Jazz Festival confirmed that Jamiroquai would not be performing at the event.

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Disappointing, but inevitable. Get well soon Jay.

Poor Jaykay xx Love him loads

Get well going to Japan for nothing but i Will visit so cool

Same here Cyril.

I traveled to Korea for the Seoul festival, so I'll probably soon be in the same boat as you as well. It was going to be my first concert, oh well, maybe there will be some other groups that pique my interest at the festival.

Or in the not going to happen category, but would be awesome if it did: go get Wallis/the horn section and play an all instrumental concert.

I was fortunate enough to see Jamiroquai in Seoul back in 2012. It's a bummer that Jay is hurt and the gigs have to be cancelled. I don't know if you got a 2 days pass to the festival but there is a girl playing on Saturday and her name in Lianne La Havas. She's not Jamiroquai of course but she's super talented. Hopefully Jay has full recovery and we all can see Jamiroquai soon.

The Seoul Jazz festival announced om Facebook that Jamiroquai won't be attending.

Yeah I've got a two day pass. Of the schedule permits, I'll check her performance out. There's another group that I may want to check out, can't remember the exact name right now, something moon I think.

Oh well, at least I finally got to see Jeju during this trip, and I can always climb buhkansan again before returning to the states.

I couldn't get a ticket to the main show (all tickets block-bought by scalp agency bots before real fans could purchase online, so was happy to find a second show announced. Jay also cancelled the last time he was here (Osaka Summer Sonic), so not that surprised.

I lived in Korea for 5 years and come home last spring. I was tempted to book a flight just for the festival. Now I'll just have to wait and cross my fingers they come to north america. When I saw them in 2012 it was my first time seeing them after years of hoping and wishing. Hopefully, you will enjoy the festival and the rest of your visit to Korea.

We love ya Jay and need you to be your best so we can be at ours too. So rest repair and see you when our better.
Maybe there be some magic songs from this bad injury.
Stay strong . Much love xxx

A trip to Korea is never wasted.....although I would have changed the timing a bit if I had known Jamiroquai wasn't performing. I've worked teo short term stints at a University in Pohang years ago and now I try to return once a year. This time I finally got to experience Jeju.
The only other times I came close to seeing Jamiroquai was in New York on 2001, but couldn't get transportation, and I was in Japan a month before they had a concert there in I think 2012. But this was the closest.

Yep... I travelled with my girlfriend from Australia to Tokyo to see this concert also. Lets all meet at the concert arena and just play Jamiroquai all night and party the night away?

First of all I wish Jay Kay a prompt and total recovery.I travelled from Lyon, France thanks to my husband who offered me a sensational opportunity to see Jamiroquai my favorite band and also the wonderful town of Tokyo and the great japanese culture.I can not say I am not disapointed but I hope to see you soon ! (Last time in Lyon canceled also for sad reason).Take care and see you some times. [email protected]

Jay, I wish you a perfect recovery. I hope you feel better today. Take care and see you soon.

Agh. been waiting to see them for years. already started bragging and ruubing it in to my mates back home that im gonna see jamiroquai this weekend. f~*k.
well I hope he gets well soon and doesn't forget the expats ever awaiting his arrival in the hermit kingdom of south korea.

Any news on how they are doing? Really hope Jay's feeling better! I was about to buy my flight to the London O2 arena show and was hoping they won't have to cancel those as well... Kinda holding off getting my flight. Fingers crossed! What do you guys think?

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