Nights Out In The Jungle video?

Added on Thursday 06 April 2017, 21:17 (BST)

During an interview on BBC Radio 5 today (Thursday) Jay spoke a little about another music video that hasn't (yet) been seen - for Nights Out In The Jungle.

"...there is a video for that.  It's me sitting in... which was going to be for Cloud 9, but uncannily you put this track to it and it's basically me just going around town, in the back of a car, in black leather, in the back of an old '76 Rolls Royce."

Listen to the interview at the BBC Radio website to hear a good conversation with Jay about the new album and more.

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another "no video" for a "no song"...

Another example of Luca talking from his bottom. Take your negativity somewhere else babe!

I can express my opinion, without asking your permission, fat Barry.

This does raise a valid point.

Luca if you dont like Jamiroquai why do you bother interacting on a news site and wasting valuable energy? Surely it would be better to find something you really enjoy and pour happiness and energy into that?

Life is too short and precious to waste it on things that make you unhappy.

His name is luca..

He lives on the second floor..

He maybe upstairs from here..

I don't think i've seen him before...

A video of the annoying press would be more fitting 👍🏼

Or.. Lots of monkies getting dressed up to 'have it large'??..

Off topic but it sounds like Jay Kay will be on the last episode of Top Gear as a replacement guest :

NOITJ is a fantastic tune. Great, amazing bass riff and a great song. I'm a fan since 92 and love the direction they've taken with this album. IMP the best record since Synkronised. This album is pure funk. Love loads of other songs too, Vitamin, Summer Girl, Carla, Hot Property etc

appreciate your advises but...if you appreciate a crowd of adoring fans always willing to say "yes, this is fabulous" ... well, democracy is also to express opinions that are in contrast with the mass ... and a true fan (I say this because I have heard all of Jamiro tunes...all) may have the right to say that this record is not good, simple. Time and charts will tell if I am right or not. But you, with your permission, you should not prohibit dissenting opinions. As for how to enjoy life ... well, do also a lot of your cabbage. thank you.

I hear what you say Luca and yes of course everyone should have their opinions.

Perhaps its about how things are expressed or worded and being diplomatic and respectful of other fan's feelings?

Do you like anything from the album?

Luca, perhaps you could explain to us why you think it's a "no video" and a "no song"? No one is saying you shouldn't have an opinion, but it's interesting to see the effort you've put in to defending your RIGHT to your opinion as opposed to THE opinion in the first place. :)

In my opinion, Nights Out In The Jungle is one of the most interesting songs on the album. Not sure it's the best choice for the next single (what does putting out a single even mean these days anyway...?), but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what visuals they put alongside it.

Between insulting people, and turding in every topic, one could be forgiven, if this site deterined that Luca should be removed from it. It's one thing to say "I'm not feeling this so much", but some of your posts have been downright disrespectful. It's clear that a lot of time and love goes into each recording, and that can be seen in the live shows, too.
So, to call their work "non-songs" smacks of bitterness. But not content with crossing the line, there have been posts from Luca literally insulting people who enjoy the new album. He's also been very condescending to fans - In another topic, he makes out that only he is a "true" fan, and that others don't know funk, don't know music. Sorry, Luca, but you don't get to expect that your opinions are respected when you're not even doing the basics here. The most honourable thing to do would've been to say "this isn't clicking with me anymore, but I'm thankful for the memories", then leave and let be. You know what else? You haven't even seen the video to be jumping to that conclusion, so, you're being a troll at this point.

I don't understand this at all. For me, I've been a fan since October 1992, when I heard "When You Gonna Learn?", and ROTSC and EOPE are my all-time favourite albums - 24 1/2 years later, I still love what they do. As a content creator, I would hope that they didn't try to copy those first two albums, or any other, because each one deserves to be enjoyed in its own right. Also, you risk becoming stale, because you've confined yourself to a tight space.
Furthermore, Jay was approaching 23 when that song released - I suspect that, like all of you, he's a different person at 47!! That's not selling out, that's growing up!!

It is natural, and people ought to want to try new and different things. It is natural that one can have other priorities. It is natural that people can change their minds, or reassess, or have their points reinforced by events. I can remember when AFO released, and similar comments were made. People who enjoyed it weren't "true" fans back then - Except for those of us who broadened our horizons, we enjoyed that album, and not "sheepishly", as the Lucas of this world would have you believe. For every "Acid Jazz Era" fan, there were also fans who loved and grew up with this band on the house music/remixes/club scene. Some enjoyed both. Case in point? In addition to performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival over the years, they headlined the Ministry Of Sound Festival in the Summer of 2001. So, we can and do appreciate "Automaton" - it's a culmination of great ideas from the band's experiences, combined with 2017 freshness.

Put another way, there are hosts of reasons why peple love this band, and long-term or not, you don't get to tell them they're "less". If you didnt like the new songs, that's OK. Move on. Find something else you like. Complaining incessantly that your wants haven't been the only ones catered to makes you come across as a self-entitled brat. I'm saying don't be surprised when fans on a fan site call you out for trying to put a downer on their enjoyment. You don't get to cry about 'democracy', because the fans on a fan site will ultimately decide that you're being an a$$h0le, and show you the door out of here. After all, with freedom to express comes responsibility and consequence.

this song is really growing on me, it has an old-skool hiphop vibe and the video sounds like it would fit it well.

And don't feed the trolls folks!

Well said Angeltips :D superb.

Very witty & cleaver angeltips !
You've perfectly express all my thoughts about Jamiroquai.

Angeltips. Thank you xx

I'm awaiting Luca's response. Not that I'll waste my time reading it.

I happen to a caste, where if someone tells an opinion contrary jump straight to the neck to denigrate him and against him. I do not enjoy to write against the Jamiroquai, indeed. Just because my expectations were high, I expect a powerful record. But I realize that many fans have grown only with Funk Odyssey, forgetting the magnificent past that these musicians had created. I could easiluy write a complete review of Automaton (what a terrible title...) but when I read that NOTJ will be yet another video with J Kay on a car (again ???)...I don't expect nothing tnew. Does anyone remember what a terrific video Virtual insanity was??? ... here, done this, stop offending. Speaking more technically .... the disc itself is not horrible, but ... I say: seven years spent to create....Automaton??? there is no absolute harmonical research, melodies that dont' remain in mind, nothing that we can call "fantastic"... many people forget that this is a disc coomposed by mr matt johnson (only him... ) is not a team work, a choral record, and it feels! For me RDLS was a very good record, dense atmospheres and excellent harmonic compisitions ... NOTJ is only one chords, there's no melody, nothing to remember...thing about Smile: what kind of terrific song it was? I'm talking about the last album, not about acid jazz era ... Now, if you want to give me strength against, okay. I will not insiste here, but I will keep listening to Automaton trying to find something interesting. But, again, time will tell if I'm right or not. And I feel that this album will remain a maximum of 1 month at the top of the charts.Then, if you want to persist with this attitude of "caste", with this mood of "infallible club" ... go ahead. There are no problems, I will return to listen to things musically more interesting. Do you like to think as a "mass"? ok, I don't. I love Jamiroquai, but this is not their best record. Simple.

Thank you Luca.

'Automaton' is a superb of their best! Songs like "Hot Property","Summer Girl","Dr.Buzz","Cloud 9" are excellent!!! I am enjoying this album tremendously.

Let's keep this polite, eh, as we would hate to have to disable the comments.


Luca,why don't you simply go support another band? If Jamiroquai isn't doing what YOU want them to,it's time to move on,dontcha think? Go support Maroon5 or someone like that.I don't think that the Jamiroquai fanbase will miss you very much :)

This song wouldn't be my choice for the next single. One of the weaker songs on the album. It's not terrible. I just don't feel it deserves to be a video. But, I'm not going to complain. I'm still listening to this album multiply times daily. Currently, " Nice and Spicy" and "Summer Girl" get steady repeats. "Hot Property", "Vitamin", "Carla" and "Shake it On" really mess up my workouts because I end up either jamming too hard and tire myself out or I mess up my rep count because I'm trying to sing along. Great album that will stand the test of time in my eyes. Best album since TWM.

Nights Out... is the song I've played least from the album so far. Hot Property and Summer Girl are more deserving for release amongst others

I wonder why they switched the videos?
It seems like Cloud 9 deserved more time & effort.

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