How Jamiroquai took the old sound to give it a contemporary edge

Added on Tuesday 04 April 2017, 08:13 (BST)

If you keep an eye on the official social media channels (for Jamiroquai and the bandmembers themselves) as well as Jamirotalk and the Jamiroquai Subreddit there are quite a few posts recently to album/gig reviews and magazine articles - there is a lot out there at the moment. Here's just one of these recent interviews - which includes some new photos (at least new to me!) and some interesting information about the sound of the new album.

"This project was different because we had to try and take our old sound and give it a slightly contemporary edge, without it losing what we felt like people liked about us, and what’s always suited the style we always created music in. So instead of using plugins on Pro Tools, we decided to use a lot of old vintage ’70s and ’80s synthesizers in their analogue form as the basis for the music. On top of that, the drum recording was done initially with plugin drums and then embellished on top of the live stuff — sometimes just with live hats — to keep a fluid feel to it. We were also careful about how we use horns because in the past we were criticized perhaps for being too retro, so we decided just to be very careful about how we used them. So it’s a very fine line between having the sound that we’ve had and that our old fans enjoy, and bringing something newer that people who aren’t familiar with the band could enjoy."

Read the full interview at the Highsnobiety website.

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Cheers David.

Seems like the world is talking Jamiroquai.....


The Roundhouse was perfect. (Just thought I would throw that in tuere as I am doing with every conversation this week)

couldnt agree more with his take on the album. great decision

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