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Added on Monday 03 April 2017, 18:27 (BST)

Although Automaton is riding high on charts all around the world, if you look at the official UK 'midweek' charts it seems that Jamiroquai won't be able to make it to the top spot when the final charts are announced on Friday. An article at the Official Charts website says the following:

"Jamiroquai are on track to be this week’s highest new entry and score a ninth Top 10 with their first album in over six years. The band, led by Jay Kay, are at 2 on today's update, with Automaton."

Oh, and the album that looks like it will be number 1 (for a fifth week).... Divide - by Ed Sheeran.  Here are the total sales for Friday-Sunday for the top 5 albums in the UK:

  1. Ed Sheeran - ÷ (50,931)
  2. Jamiroquai - Automaton (16,054)
  3. Rag'n'Bone Man - Human (13,114)
  4. Take That - Wonderland (10,321)
  5. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye (9,007)
Credit: Kieran Powell

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Fair play to you Ed! (If it really is you!)

People place too much importance on stuff like sales and rankings. That's a numbers game, a corporate endeavor, not an artistic one. Music shouldn't be reduced to a competitive sport.

Case in point: I really enjoy the song Marzipan by Eric Tagg on his album Dreamwalkin'. From what I know, it didn't break into the top 10 album sales for its time, but that doesn't diminish my enjoyment of it in any way.

Hi, that's still very positive, if they can hold on to No.2 that would be great - how do you find out the album sales to date?

How can people listen Ed Sheeran!? people are becoming automated ah ah

chief147 - sales figures get posted on the forums at

Thanks a lot David

compared to RDLS which entered at #7, this is great news!

The current sales figures from are as follows:

1 Ed Sheeran - ÷ (76,468)
2 Rag'n'Bone Man - Human (20,086)
3 Jamiroquai - Automaton (19,045) reported the following on Wednesday evening (5th):

"Jamiroquai could be on course to shake up the Top 5 in the albums list, with eighth record Automaton currently at No.3 having moved 19,045 units. Jay Kay’s band could run Rag’N’Bone Man close for the runner-up slot, the singer’s debut Human is currently on 20,086 sales for the week. Sheeran’s ÷ is comfortably ahead of them both on 76,468 sales. Drake’s More Life is in fourth place on 15,851 sales, while Take That’s Wonderland drops off significantly in its second week, completing the Top 5 on 14,893 sales."

They deserved`s a great album!!

They deserved`s a great album!!

It ended up at number 2!

Best result since A Funk Odissey.

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