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Added on Thursday 23 March 2017, 13:08 (GMT)

As Jamiroquai move from smaller rehearsals to now full production rehearsals ahead of the upcoming tour dates Jamiroquai have announced that Nate Williams will be joining the band on both keyboards and guitars.  Nate has been tweeting for a while some photos and more about the rehearsals and it's good to get some public acknowledgement from the band about his involvement.

In addition to Nate there's also Howard Whiddett - who is introduced as the bands 'Ableton live whiz' - where Ableton is music software that does all sorts of clever stuff (read their website for more information!).

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Nice addition!

Also any news on which singers will be on tour?

Looks like we may have a lovely new addition to the family......?!!!!

Valerie Etienne also in the EOPE sing-a long. Big welcome back to Valerie. Had the good fortune of seeing her with Citrus Sun a few years back. Fantastic gig led by Dom Glover on trumpet and the magnificent Jim Mullen on guitar. (And of course our beloved Bluey). Superb Donald Byrd covers were the icing on the cake.

I suspect that the Valerie, Hazel and Lauraine will be on tour - they sing on a number of tracks on the album. Speaking of backing singers, there's another lady - Michelle John - who performs on the album who I believe is currently doing well on the Voice UK TV show. Maybe she'll be available to help tour, maybe she won't. I guess it depends how the TV show goes...

May be wrong...
But looks like its Elle Cato on tonights The Voice? (Just seen a pic Diego posted on the Jamiroquai - Automaton group.)
Guess they will be on soon

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