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Jamiroquai back in the studio
Added on Wednesday 16 January 2008, 22:22 (GMT)
Regular readers at the recently re-launched Jamiroquai.com may have seen a post added to the news section recently announcing that the band are back in the studio..."Jamiroquai are back in the studio! Following a quiet '07, Jay and the band have begun work writing and recording their seventh studio album. Around 11 tracks have already been written, and we're sure more will follow. Keep checking back for updates."Check out this and more updates from Jamiroquai at the official website at Jamiroquai.com. 

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Oh My God i'm so excited!!!
New songs and gorgeous Jay on the stage Hurray!
Bring it on boys!!!

YAY - great news - have fun in the studio boys :) :) :)


11 Tracks already! They work fast. Cant wait!

SWEET - can wait to hear some of the new stuff!

11 tracks already! Wow that's great. I can't wait to hear what they've come up with!

About bloomin time! ;o) You know we can't get enough of that marvellous funk.

Remember to be a cool set of cats, relax, and we'll see you on the other side.

Happy and harmoneous new year to all....

Miss P


=) cant wait to hear new songs!! this is great!

Whoa. I was under the impression the JUST got in the studio! This is wonderful news :) I just know the first time I hear one of those songs, I'm gonna get a chill just like I did the first time they played Seven Days in Sunny June on BBC 1 Radio. I can't wait ;)

It is Great ! They already wrote 11 tracks so faster!

11 songs??? But.. when.. how.. WHO?? It's a strange sensation.. the new is great, really great, but I don't understand how they could wrote 11 songs already.. I mean, are these tracks A or B quality?? Are these tracks EOPE, TROTSC and TWM era reflection? or just a "Feels Just Like It Should, Black Devil Car and Seven Days in Sunny June" ugly and commercial pop continuity? Hope not..


Sorry, but I'm an old school fan.

...and now ive got that sunshine in my life???

I reckon they would have been putting down their ideas and doing a bit of writing throughout last year = Awesome tracks that are gonna be out down exactly how Jamiroquai want to!




Take ALL the time you need funkers, "commercial" area is over now. You are workin' for history.




That was fast! 11 already hope there's more 2 come! Can't wait for it, so excited already!!! :-)

Please Jay and co. make some great tunes..like Stilness in Time or Wygl!

I share the excitement of everyone else! Can't wait for new stuff!

I'm surprised, but real happy to hear this !!! :D ...now just waiting for a chance to hear some of it :)


great news to start off a new year.

GREAT!!!!! I'm so happy!!! Briliant news!!!

great news!!! hopefully some old school funk/jazz... (real drums, horns, flute......)

great news cant wait to see what direction they are taking the band in now

It's good news but it's not that exciting because the album almost certainly won't be out this year, more like Spring/Summer 2009. I'm REALLY hoping this has more horns and funky jazz, deep bass grooves and not so much electronic stuff...

bring that funk again!!! (that means Dj DZire, brass section, and of course that wonderful voice... pleassse!!!)
I'm supa happy :D

YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! If they're recording new stuff, it means there will be a world tour soon again! Can't wait! Just can't wait!!

Can't wait to see what else JMQ have in store for the future!
I do hope they keep on being THAT band we all know and love and admire over the years.
Im sure it will be impossible to give the album any rating under a 9... ;)
Keep up the great work JMQ!


Wow wan't some more stuff to fill my ipod with their sweet tunes!!!!! more like time won't wait!!!!! plssssss

wow!! jay kay comin soon!! plisss come to spain!! spain miss u!! palma de mallorca want youu!! i love youuuu

They're fast! LOL

Wow! I'm so freakin' happy :)

Thanksssssssssssssssssss JAMIROQUAI

We hopeeeeeeeeeeee, we wait long months


Just a little stoked! 11 tracks already?! Sounds like a 2 CD set is in the works...hmmm... PLEASE send us some sound bytes SOON.

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