Make your own Jay Kay hat!

Added on Sunday 16 April 2006, 21:26 (BST)

Nobody can deny that when it comes to hats, Jay is the man with style.  Over the past few years Jay has been wearing a "spiky" piece of headgear (anyone got a better description), which has recently changed from solid steel (and very heavy) to be a more manageable carbon fibre version.

Well, Jay's headgear is made by a company called Accord Case, who are primarily in the business of making lightweight musical instrument cases, but as part of their research and development they've been creating headgear for Jay.

At the website in the gallery section you'll find some great pictures of how the hats are made.

If these hats are a little extravagant for you, then don't forget that the more traditional hats are made by Rod Keenan in New York.

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I love those hats!!!
in fact, I have also made some of them in other materials.
I'll show my hats some day in the forum...

Hehe I'm the number one fan of his hatsss!!!!! People who know me have seen my hats, and Im doing the new one, the same black of carbon fibre David describes, but now is all more shiny. Can't describe it either hehe.

Thanks for the link David!

D! (dyego)

Ta enteramente chorizo el gorro del llamiro...ta de lolo....yo qero uno..igual yo cacho q en el bio tan...voy a ir a tazar el wiken...

i deffinatly got to have one made for me !!!
i have been considering it for ages !!.. need to make it before the Jamiroquais concert.. so that i went there with the funky hat on ; ))

I like to think the hats Jay wear are symbolic of a futuristic Native American Headress! Anyone else agree?

Cool, great job! Nice to see how these marvelous hats are created. As for me, I prefer simple hat, without all these expansive materials and fashion design. TWM hat and Synkronized Hat are two of my favourite! Back to basics!

shame we didnt meet again!! :) next time
amazing concert in DUBAI!!!

I believe the best way to describe his hat is one given by an argentinian Rolling Stone magazine reporter: "a kind of a rising sun with its steel rays covered by sequins". Quite original, right?

i am half way through making my hat already! WOOOO
i got the materials from school! its looking good!

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